Get Loans Although You’re in Credit Institutions

Learn how to get loans even if you are in the FCI. If you have been included in this famous register of defaulters and you need to get a loan to solve a problem, pay a debt or face an unexpected, here we explain what you should do and how to get it.

As you know, financial institutions put, especially after the economic crisis of 2008, more and more obstacles and difficulties for the granting of financing and credits. Its risk departments require guarantees, guarantees and that you are not registered in the records of FCI. So, before granting the money, they thoroughly check both your income and property and the records of defaulters.

What is FCI?

What is FCI?

They are the abbreviations of the Financial Credit Institutions and it is the most important list of defaulters in our country. Thus, it is the main source that traditional financial institutions (banks) review before granting a credit or loan. If you are registered, they will automatically reject your loan request. Since an entity associated with FCI includes your data, banks close their doors.

Can you get loans even if you are at the FCI?

Can you get loans even if you are at the FCI?

Yes, you can get loans even if you are in the FCI. In fact, keep in mind that to cancel your data you have two options: oppose if you have any cause for it or pay. When the objection or payment is not viable because you lack liquidity, there are other possibilities to obtain financing.

There are financial companies that are not traditional banks to which you can apply for a loan even if you are in the FCI. However, you must meet certain requirements to obtain it.

Requirements to get a loan even if you are in the FCI

Requirements to get a loan even if you are in the FCI

Basically, in order to obtain a loan while enrolled in FCI, you must meet the following requirements, which are common to all quick loans:

  • Be of age.
  • Be a resident in Spain.
  • Have an active bank account in your name.
  • Have regular income. There is even the possibility that you can get the loan even if you are in FCI without having a payroll, provided that you prove that you receive a recurring income from either a pension or an unemployment benefit. In this context, you should also know that you can get these loans without endorsement but the amount that will be borrowed will be less.

Conditions of the loans granted with FCI


You must bear in mind that these loans have special conditions that derive from the special situation of the applicants. Essentially, these specificities are the following:

  • Small amounts. They are granted for small amounts. The maximum amount that can be obtained is usually 800 euros. Even so, with this money you will be able to face an immediate need.
  • They are processed online. They are characterized by rapid access and by being processed in full telematically. Thus, once you provide the data and information that is required, your grant will be very fast. You will be exempt from getting involved between paperwork and bureaucratic procedures.
  • Fulfill the requirements indicated above.
  • Short repayment terms and in few payments. The refund must be made in a short period of time and, normally, in a single payment or in very few. In addition, some of these loans establish the possibility that the payment is made with a credit card, as if it were the payment of a purchase by electronic commerce.

Before unfavorable and unforeseen financial expenses or situations that you must quickly resolve, you can get loans even if you are in the FCI if you fulfill the requirements that we have explained and with the indicated conditions.

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