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How Fast Loans are Possible with Financial Credit Institutions

It is likely that you currently need a loan to face small expenses and be able to start 2019 without that debt that you do not know how to get rid of. What happens is that you are registered with FCI and do not know how to get one. From Astro Finance we tell you not to worry, since it is possible to request quick loans with FCI.

What is FCI?

What is FCI?

The National Association of Financial Credit Establishments (FCI) is an organization in charge of managing, updating and managing a list with the identity of people who have not paid any specific debt. That is to say, being part of this list means having breached an economic obligation with a company or entity.

It is important to know if you belong to this list or not; In addition, access to it can be done on your own web page, which solves this doubt at the moment to the person who is interested.

Why can you apply for a loan while in this situation?

Why can you apply for a loan while in this situation?

Normally, banks, when granting a loan or credit, review the aforementioned list and confirm whether or not you are in it, because they are not willing to commit financially to someone who proves not to fulfill other commitments.

However, there are online entities that carry out this type of financial activities without being a bank or following the same policies. The companies in charge of offering loans virtually know that sometimes situations are experienced that are not completely controlled and sometimes, without this being the intention, problems arise.

Therefore, it is not fair that these people are denied momentary help they may need to face a medical bill or emergency or even to pay the debt that allows them to leave FCI.

Characteristics of a quick loan

Characteristics of a quick loan

However, the quick loans that are requested in these situations have certain characteristics that determine the uniqueness of the same. Next, we will expose these features so that you can know them in detail before requesting one of them.

These are loans that provide not very high amounts of money. Their main function and the intention with which they are designed is that the interested person solves an economic problem at the moment. Normally, the maximum amount of these loans is 800 euros.

The terms of return easily adapt to you, since they give you the opportunity to choose when you want to return it. Although, as it is a small amount of money, these terms will go according to the requested budget.

They are processed online. You can request one from your own home, which means a series of advantages, such as getting away from bureaucratic procedures and maintaining anonymity. Nobody needs to know that you are in FCI.

You will receive the money in a matter of hours or even minutes if you meet the requirements to be able to apply and it is accepted by the financial institution. In the next point you will know what it is that you must fulfill to be able to carry out this management. Nor is a guarantor required to subscribe to one of these loans.

Requirements to apply for a loan with FCI

Although you can apply for a loan while enrolled in the FCI list, it is important to know that there are certain restrictions that must be respected for the safety of the financial institution to provide a guarantee for the company that will help you.

You must be of legal age and under 65 to be able to apply for this fast online loan. In some entities, the minimum age rises to 21, but it is not usual.

No matter your nationality of origin, but you have a document certifying that you reside in Spain and it is updated.

You must have a checking account in your name. In this account there should be income on a regular basis although they do not have to come from a payroll. Any type of economic income that can certify that you can take charge of the payment of the loan is valid.

You must provide a telephone number or a contact email that allows communication between the financial institution and you. You must be available in case any doubt arises during the acceptance process.

As you can see, these are simple requirements that can be easily met. If you manage to fulfill them, you will only have to fill in the request form and design the type of loan that you are going to request.

Loan repayment

Loan repayment

When you are already on the online platform requesting it, you will have an explanatory box that will inform you momentarily about the different interests and how they may vary depending on the amount requested and the time you choose to repay the loan, with a maximum of 6 weeks for it.

It is true that this is not a long time, however, the amount of money requested is quite low, which establishes a fairly stable relationship between figures.

It is important that you know how to choose this well because, often, lengthening the term to the maximum usually means paying too much. If you think you can pay it in advance, we recommend that you choose a short period of time so that interest does not increase.

Why are fast loans important in FCI?

Why are fast loans important in FCI?

At the moment you find yourself in this situation, any financial institution will deny you a credit, even if you have regular income of high amount. Being in FCI supposes the restriction of a series of advantages and helps that one can request.

However, many times anyone can have a personal problem of an economic nature that must be solved immediately if they do not want that problem to be aggravated. Being aware of this detail, companies that financially help these people arise so that they can continue with their lives in the easiest way possible.

Thanks to this, you can rest easy, because you still have possibilities to pay that fine or that bill that has gone out of your hands or to attend to the medical emergency in which you find yourself; You will have support to do it.

FCI: how to get out of this situation?

FCI: how to get out of this situation?

Although there are entities that help you and offer you an economic contribution, you need to know how to get out of this situation and not stay on this list, because it can bring you problems if you drag it.

Find out if you are at FCI

Access the database of these lists, which is on your official page, and check whether your name is there or not. Normally, to enter a list of these characteristics you must have postponed a payment four months beyond its processing date.

However, this is a minimum requirement, because depending on the intentions of the company and the flexibility of the same can change.

Find out how to get out of it

To leave the FCI list, you have several options. Let’s start with the first two:

  • The easiest thing is to pay off the debt. However, this may not be feasible and that is why you are on this list.
  • Wait. The maximum time that a person can be inside this file is six years. Once this period has expired, your name will be eliminated.

If you are not interested in any of these options, either because you do not have enough money to pay off the debt or because you do not want to be on a defaulter list for six years, the last option you have is to have the help of a specialist lawyer . You will be able to reach an agreement between both parties.

Apply for a loan with FCI

Apply for a loan with FCI

As you have seen, regardless of what you do or not to solve your situation, it is easy to access an online loan while at FCI; You will only have to meet some minimum requirements that allow it.

If you want to solve your economic problem by accessing a maximum amount of 800 euros, you only need to be of legal age and have an active checking account in your name in which you receive income on a regular basis, which does not have to come from a work payroll.

In this way, without counting on a guarantor and without banking entities, you will have an agreement with your contractor that you can solve in a maximum of 6 weeks.

Many times, due to being in a compromised situation or facing a loan of high amount of money that also involves high interest, a person does not dare to take this step. For these reasons arise this type of economic aid based on small amounts that facilitate certain procedures to people who need financial assistance at a given time.

In short, solve day-to-day problems that could not be avoided is a situation that can arise in any circumstance, and not take charge at the time can lead to dangerous consequences.

For all these reasons, at Astro Finance we want you to know more about the fast loans with FCI and do not hesitate to ask for one.