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Mini credits yes, mini loans no

The mini- credits, or microcredits, are a type of personal loans that are characterized by their quick grant, with hardly any paperwork or requirements (many lenders grant them even if they appear on unpaid lists, such as Financial Credit Institutions). The repayment terms of these mini-credits are usually very short, most of them allow you a term that ranges between…

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Quick Credits Without Importing FCI

Now it is possible to request quick credits without importing FCI thanks to various platforms dedicated to the provision of these services. It is true that this option is currently not available   in the different banking entities. To apply for a loan of any amount in a bank, great requirements must be fulfilled so that it is finally granted.…

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Mortgage credit insurance: what you need to know

Did you know? For 5 years now, it is possible to subscribe to a completely free income loss insurance in Wallonia! According to recent studies, almost 40% of the Belgian population is worried about losing their job in the next six months. Whether due to the scarcity of permanent contracts, the flexibilisation of posts or the sharp rise in burn-outs,…

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